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 Who we are

VOSA union is a not for profit organisation

  • We are fighting against injustice
  • Together with you we turn this world to justice
  • Our struggle against individuals and other organizations are timeless
  • We get our right every time, the good will forever win over evil

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 Code for VOSA union & guidelines

 Guidelines for all

You own your own words. By this we mean that you and only you are responsible for the content you post and that you take the consequences of this.

 With that in mind

  • Treat others as human beings.
  • Before you press OK on your post, think about whether you would say the same if you were sitting across from the person in the physical world.
  • One can be vehemently disagree and still keep the flag flying.
  • Discuss topics but avoid pointing fingers or making personal attacks.
  • Go for the ball and not the man. Do not let personal obsessions wire of the track.
  • It may well be that you do not personally like about something, but the taste is different, and others are allowed to have a different opinion.
  • Do not hijack threads. An offtopic question might be ok, but do not hijack the thread for their own purposes. Start as rather a new thread. This also applies if you see that your offtopic question develops more than you expected.
  • Users who repeatedly offend other users with names, coarse language, or else will be removed from our community.
  • Respect a bug. Rebuke from the moderator and remember the reason for the moderation is solely to ensure a good environment here. If you need to discuss a specific moderation, do so in non-public spaces, not in the forum. Do not step into the fire.
  • If you see an inappropriate post or your post evolves into something inappropriate, ignore it. Do not get carried away, but make admin aware topic, contact the administrator so that it can be removed.


  • The general rule, Respect people.
  • Respect Copyright.
  • Do not post anything you do not own or have not been allowed to respective owner.
  • Respect the law. Do not use this forum to trafficking, issues regarding piracy or other issues that break the law.
  • SPAM is not accepted.

 Articles and News

Everyone is welcome to submit news and articles. Articles should be objective, well-founded and well documented, this is especially articles that are not purely technical. It 's okay to articles that reflect the author's personal views, but this should then be clear of content and do not override the requirement of objectivity and documentation.

 Deleting profiles

You may at any time withdraw your profile by emailing us at info@vosa.dk.

 Alternative accounts and change user names

It is not allowed to change his username and create alternative accounts without consulting with admin and without due reason. It is not reason enough that you can not access his account - instead, one must ask whether to update its data. However, it is permissible to create a test account with the sole purpose to test something like login problems or missed emails etc. But this account may only be used for testing purposes and not to participate in the actual wires. If you agreed to change its account, it must be clear to all whom you previously was, for example in the form of a signature or upload a avatar with your personal picture.

 External links

All links from this website to external websites have been checked and we have not been able to find any apparent breach of the law. However, we have no opportunity to influence the content of external sites. If you discover any kind of offenses in these pages, please contact VOSA helpdesk.


 Thank you for common sense and humanity - Have a great and serious experience.

Kind regards


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